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    Updated - 9/29/2010 - 5 Stars

    Phenomenal service, excellent taste! The eye doctor is amazing, has excellent knowledge and takes the time to listen and guide rather than power through patients.  Also, she has taken the time to "discuss" options and next steps and is well read on the latest knowledge.

    --H P.


    9/18/2009 - 5 Stars

    This store is one of those places that ranks high artistically and technically - here's why:

    Here's what happened:  I recently had PRK (rendition of Lasik) surgery and hadn't had a follow up visit for some time (6 months or so).  So, I went in and had my eyes checked by Dr. Mago.  She checked my eyes, cross checked my history and then went on to do both a machine based assessment and followed it up with a manual assessment to note the difference in my eye pressure to be very certain.  I was discussing this technique with my BF (an eye surgeon) and he was quite impressed by this f/u technique and only an individual with both general and specific knowledge could think to do this.  

    The store is clean and focuses on good solid service, (clearly great technique), and provides you with a wide range of glasses and sunglasses to choose from.  The staff is phenomenal and helps you focus on what you are looking for, provides suggestions and are dead honest about the glasses and choices (and never once pushy, my personal pet peeve!!).  It's a very laid back environment, kind of like a spa for the eyes - I'd go there just to relax and walk out with some AMAZING sunglasses!!!!

    Clearly, I'd go back.  I've recommended this store to both friends and family in Chicago and the NW Indiana area.  I am sincerely impressed and plan to go back for my annual eye check up.

    FYI: Parking is SUPER easy !!!

    --H P.

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