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    Customer Testimonials
    Jamurai S. PDF Print E-mail Share

    3/21/2011 - 5 Stars

    Eye Society is just plain and simply the best!!!!

    I love this place and the staff is so refeshingly cool it's almost surreal. If you have to get an exam frames or just want the company of some intelligent eye specialists while you are trying to decide then you have found heaven!!! They also have one of the best selections of frames anywhere. This place is a must see....enjoy!!!

    --Jamurai S.

    Sheila G. PDF Print E-mail Share

    11/8/2010 - 5 Stars

    My husband and I have been going to Eye Society for two and a half years and I wouldn't go anywhere else - yes it's that good.  Firstly, Dr. Tanvi Mago is a knowledgeable, professional and skilled optometrist who does thorough eye exams with the latest modern eye equipment. She also takes the time to answer any questions you have and she is friendly and approachable. Heads up - you can go to Dr. Mago for medical eye issues too. She's great at that too!

    Secondly, the selection of glasses offered is expansive, stylish and moderately priced (given they are designer brands). I like the ProDesign frames they have very much. I think they have a list of the brands they carry on their website.

    Lastly, the service is impeccable. Dr. Mago and her team really go the extra mile to ensure customers walk away satisfied with their experience and their new pair of glasses. Dan, who is no longer there, was unbelievably adept in finding the exact right pair of glasses to suit a face. Now, Anna Marie and Rebecca are carrying on that tradition. They are super friendly and very helpful, especially when dealing with insurance companies. The team helps in any way they can. Recently a frame I bought a couple years ago broke and Dr. Mago and her team went above and beyond to help me get the problem fixed even though the warranty had expired. It's that type of service that builds a loyal customer base - as demonstrated by the long list of five star reviews.

    I would recommend Dr. Mago and Eye Society to anyone and everyone!

    --Sheila G.

    Anita M. PDF Print E-mail Share

    11/9/2010 - 5 Stars

    "I travel to Chicago fairly often and first visited this place a couple years ago...To date, I've gotten two pair of glasses at Eye Society and couldn't be happier with my experience there! Dr. Mago is very friendly and approachable, as is the rest of the staff. They have a great selection of glasses, and are helpful without being pushy- unlike a ot of high-end eyeglass stores. Also, I get complimented on my glasses all the time, which is a nice bonus. :-) Finally, I've also gone in for severe eye allergy issues and was very happy with the prompt and effective treatment I got. I highly reccommend this place in every respect- great service, friendly staff, and excellent value!"

    --Anita M.

    Elizabeth V. PDF Print E-mail Share

    6/22/2010 - 5 Stars

    "I decided to go to Eye Society after a long search for a new optometrist. This place is great! The staff was very very attentive. They we're very patient while I tried on many may glasses and also gave me great advice on what looked best. Needless to say I left very happy and I can't wait for my new glasses to arrive."

    --Elizabeth V.

    BaoWoW H. PDF Print E-mail Share

    7/21/2010 - 5 Stars

    "I had the pleasure of visiting Eye Society on a weekend trip to Chicago a couple of months ago.  To my surprise, this hidden gem had an outstanding selection of designer frames at competitive prices.   Granted it is a higher end optical but the doctor (btw is very knowledgeable and patient) and staff are honest and only rec what is needed. Needless to say left ordering a pair of prescription TAG H. polarized sunglasses and had it shipped to me in Dallas.  The staff there actually called me a few weeks later to see how I was doing with new shades.  Now that is costumer service!... I would definitely come back for future exams."

    --BaoWoW H.

    Tera H. PDF Print E-mail Share

    7/30/2009 - 5 Stars

    "This is such a hidden gem! It is upstairs in an office (?) building with a cool projection sign on the sidewalk.

    They were super nice and have a really good selection of frames. We were shopping for my BF's glasses (he got a great looking pair and he is very happy w/ them) and I found a heap of frames for myself too. I was bummed that I had just gotten a new pair just a couple of months before.... wah-wah-wah.  I'm going back here next time I need them because they had such a good selection ('specially for the small in the face/ head types).  oh- and yes they carry the cool stuff.

    I did find some pretty cool sunglasses that I couldn't resist though!"

    --Tera H.

    H P. PDF Print E-mail Share

    Updated - 9/29/2010 - 5 Stars

    Phenomenal service, excellent taste! The eye doctor is amazing, has excellent knowledge and takes the time to listen and guide rather than power through patients.  Also, she has taken the time to "discuss" options and next steps and is well read on the latest knowledge.

    --H P.


    9/18/2009 - 5 Stars

    This store is one of those places that ranks high artistically and technically - here's why:

    Here's what happened:  I recently had PRK (rendition of Lasik) surgery and hadn't had a follow up visit for some time (6 months or so).  So, I went in and had my eyes checked by Dr. Mago.  She checked my eyes, cross checked my history and then went on to do both a machine based assessment and followed it up with a manual assessment to note the difference in my eye pressure to be very certain.  I was discussing this technique with my BF (an eye surgeon) and he was quite impressed by this f/u technique and only an individual with both general and specific knowledge could think to do this.  

    The store is clean and focuses on good solid service, (clearly great technique), and provides you with a wide range of glasses and sunglasses to choose from.  The staff is phenomenal and helps you focus on what you are looking for, provides suggestions and are dead honest about the glasses and choices (and never once pushy, my personal pet peeve!!).  It's a very laid back environment, kind of like a spa for the eyes - I'd go there just to relax and walk out with some AMAZING sunglasses!!!!

    Clearly, I'd go back.  I've recommended this store to both friends and family in Chicago and the NW Indiana area.  I am sincerely impressed and plan to go back for my annual eye check up.

    FYI: Parking is SUPER easy !!!

    --H P.

    Terrence S. PDF Print E-mail Share


    "Dr. Mago is one of the most altruistic people I have ever met. I have a student named Reggie, he always has to stand 1foot away from the chalk board to see.  I took him to Eye Society to see Dr. Mago. She immediately diagnosed him as being near sighted and having a stint. Knowing that my student could not afford the glasses he needed she found him a sponsor. I really appreciate the care and service Dr. Mago gave to Reggie and I hope that you support her practice."

    Terrence D. Simmons
    Chicago Public School Teacher

    Domingo G. PDF Print E-mail Share

    2/10/2009 - 4 Stars

    "I would definitely recommend this Eyeglass Boutique to all of my friends.  My whole experience was one to remember, let me tell you that they are all about the client that walks through the door.  
    I have always worn contacts and have never been a real fan of eye glasses, until I went to Eye Society.  The gentleman that helped me (DAN); picked out my glasses absolutely personalizing each pair.  Since my initial visit I have already gone back and purchased another pair that was recommended to me.  I will definitely return and continue to recommend their location."

    --Domingo G.

    John F. PDF Print E-mail Share

    2/13/2010 - 4 Stars

    "Very professional - went for a routine eye appointment and walked out 30 minutes later feeling like my exam was thorough (and convenient, on a Saturday) and all my questions were answered.  Unlike prior experiences elsewhere, I did not feel pushed to change a brand of lenses I liked and all my insurances options were thoroughly explained.  I have never had this sort of service!"

    --John F.

    Additional Testimonials PDF Print E-mail Share

    Autherene M.

    Chicago, IL


    5/4/2011 – 5 Stars

    I found Eye Society through Yelp because I am new to chicago and needed an eye exam and new glasses.  The exam was pretty standard, but in the midst of my visit I was able to get a newer version of my contacts (which are great), new glasses and new sunglasses.  I am happy, the service, especially from Ann Marie was wonderful.  Will be my eye doctor going forward.


    Jeff C.

    Chicago, IL


    4/27/2011 – 5 Stars

    I've seen a lot of eyeglass places & I've seen a lot of optometrists.  Eye Society is a great eyeglass place with a great optometrist.

    There is a saying jingling around that's breezed by me a time or two which is:  You get what you pay for.  What I'm saying here is that Eye Society isn't necessarily cheap.  I'm sure you can go cheaper at Lens Crafters.  In the end, however, the girls at ES took great care of me, put me into a couple pair of great glasses and I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miiiilllleeesss.... aw yeah...  I can see for miles and miles... I can see for miles and~~

    Yeah.  Anyway, sorry if you don't listen to the Who.  Retro moment.

    If you're going low budget, this probably isn't your place, but if you're more the type to pay a little extra for quality and service, I would recommend Eye Society to you hands down.

    5*... dig it.


    Lesly M.

    Chicago, IL


    4/25/2011 – 5 Stars

    Eye Society is great! This is not your typical commercial vision and eyeglass store. Dr. Mago is the best eye doctor I've been to in years. The staff is attentive and friendly.

    My exam with Dr. Mago was pleasant and I didn't have to wait long to be seen. She really took her time in examining my eyes. I bought a pair of fabulous Cole Haan eyeglasses, and I'm very happy with my purchase. I've received so many compliments. I can't wait to pick out a pair of prescription sunglasses. Something I've been wanting for a long time. Their eyeglass selection is great, so expect to be there a little longer than planned because it took forever for me to decide which ones I wanted.

    Parking isn't bad. I found street parking just a half block away. Give yourself extra time if you do decide to drive. Their hours are convenient, and they have a great referral program.


    Christopher R.

    Chicago, IL


    4/8/2011 – 5 Stars

    I had my first appointment with Eye Society today.  After much communication with the WONDERFUL AnnaMarie, how patient can one person be?  I was welcomed into the office warmly and felt right at ease.  Laughs shared and then the doctor appeared.  This was the most comfortable experience I've ever had especially when it comes to medical/ocular mashed all together.  The doctor explained everything perfectly and mad me feel great about the choice that I had made to make an appointment with them.  Overall completely satisfied and found out that my eyes are just fine, still dilated, but just fine!  Definitely recommended.  AG


    Rajat B.

    New York, NY


    Updated - 3/12/2011 – 5 Stars

    Went back to this place to get a couple of new glasses and sunglasses. I dont write too many reviews but had to review this place because of the excellent service quality, choice of products and convenience. They really know how to treat you well and you enjoy being a customer.


    1/20/2009 – 5 Stars

    Recently got a couple of glasses and was amazed by the quality of service, professionalism and the product. Lots of  choices for frames and sunglasses with helpful advise.
    The doc knows what she is doing and figured out my dry eye problem. She is cute too!


    Bennett C.

    Chicago, IL


    2/18/2011 – 5 Stars

    I am a doctor who realized fairly recently that my daily headaches are probably due to some vision problem. I decided that the day before I leave for my winter vacation, I will deal with the issue and have my eyes checked. I called several places and none could accommodate my request for an urgent appointment. But then I get a call back from Eye Society saying that Dr. Mago is wiling to extend her work hours if I am willing to come at 7:30 pm.

    This alone earned this place 4 stars! I often do this for my own patients and anytime you have a health care professional treating you this way, you know you have a keeper.

    I got to my appointment. I met Dr. Mago. I had my examination. I was told that it's time for my first pair of glasses. I was showed options around the store without any pressure to purchase from their stock. In fact, she wrote a prescription and gave it to me, in case I wanted to purchase my first pair in another place. She explained add-ons that I may or may not want and was totally upfront regarding what's necessary and what's borderline frivolous.

    The next day I left for my vacation and was gone for 2 weeks. I received 2 emails from Dr. Mago, one letting me know when my glasses are being shipped. The second email was giving me instructions on how and where I could pick up the glasses outside her store hours because I really do not have time to pick it up on weekdays.

    This is why this place deserves 5 stars. Service like this is hard to find and certainly difficult to practice. Dr. Mago is a keeper.


    Eric L.

    Park Ridge, IL


    2/18/2011 – 5 Stars

    After researching Yelp to try and find a well-reviewed place that offered the new Tag Heuer frames I was looking for, I came upon "Eye Society".  I am in the city frequently running errands and it sounded like a good place to check out.  They were very easy to work with (I came in with my own prescription) and my new glasses arrived exactly when promised.  Although a bit expensive, (I knew what I was getting into with Tag frames) the Yelp offer sealed the deal for me.  Parking was easy both when I ordered and picked up, on a weekday afternoon.


    Pratik P.

    Chicago, IL


    2/17/2011 – 5 Stars

    Between my wife and I, we have purchased 5 pairs of prescription glasses and sunglasses from Eye Society. I have been wearing glasses for almost 30 years and I have to say she is the best Optometrist I have had. Look up her credentials, really solid!
    The staff is very knowledgeable and professional with a good understanding of insurance claims processing.
    They have a vast selection of frames and they do special order from any designer.
    A couple of months ago I was leaving for vacation and needed prescription sunglasses fast. Eye Society was able to turn around my order in 4 days! Well-done people!
    I would highly suggest Eye Society!


    Bill L.

    Chicago, IL


    2/9/2011 – 5 Stars

    I have gotten 3 pair of glasses, both lenses and frames, from Eye Society and purchased frames for 2 other pair elsewhere and had Eye Society help select and order lenses. 2 exams and 5 pair of glasses later I can say they are my first choice.

    A very diverse, good selection of frame manufacturers along with staff committed to customer service and competitive pricing makes Eye Society a destination for anyone looking for a good optometrist and/or glasses.


    Breanne M.

    Chicago, IL


    1/31/2011 – 5 Stars

    I LOVE this eye doctor. The doctor and the staff are amazing and so helpful. Ana Marie at the front desk is wonderful. She helped me get two amazing glasses that suite my face just perfectly! I just picked up my Oliver Peoples sunglasses on Saturday and it was perfect as usual!


    Rajni S.

    Minneapolis, MN


    1/27/2011 – 5 Stars

    Wow... What a wonderful experience. Buying eyewear for me is always complicated because I have a high prescription.  the staff and the doctor were not only friendly but very knowledgeable. They helped me a pick a frame that met my needs and was very fashion forward. Dr. Mago had a great bedside manner.


    David N.

    Cook, IL


    1/25/2011 – 5 Stars

    These guys have fantastic service.  They go above and beyond in giving you their time.  I came back four months after my first visit and was vaguely recognized by the staff - that's quality.


    Magician g.

    Manhattan, NY


    1/13/2011 – 5 Stars

    I travelled to Chicago recently, and I lost my glasses. Not only that, I didn't remember my prescription either. I showed up at Eye society and they accommodated me right away. Dr.Mago took the time off her busy Schedule and gave me an appointment . Dr. Mago is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, she took my complete eye exam, and I not only picked up eye glasses from the amazing collection they have. She also sat with me and went over contact lens options for me. I walked out buying 2 frames and a prescription for contacts for the first time. Even though I live in NY I plan to go back to her for my annual exams, she was simply great. And the staff was nice and friendly as well.  I totally recommend this place over all the other chain eye centers out there.


    Jim S.

    Laveen, AZ


    1/12/2011 – 4 Stars

    I had a great experience at Eye Society.  I enjoy going to boutiques and this place had many frame options.  Dr. Mago and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.  She even recommended 1-day disposable contacts for me to use part-time.  I had never worn them before or thought that I could but they are very comfortable.   I would recommend this place to my family and friends.


    Arun A.

    Chicago, IL


    1/10/2011 – 5 Stars

    High quality, designer glasses with the service to match!!  The doc was really knowledgeable and professional, and her staff was super friendly and helpful in selecting the right pair of glasses.  I especially appreciated the follow up to make sure everything was OK.

    Highly recommend Eye Society to all Yelpers!


    Alka V.

    Des Plaines, IL


    1/10/2011 – 5 Stars

    The eye society is as good as it gets..good service, selection and prices. Dr Mago is always very attentive and professional. When I have questions she takes the time to really listen and answers them with patience. I love her personal touch! I wouldn't buy my contacts or glasses from anywhere else.


    Megan T.

    Chicago, IL


    1/10/2011 – 5 Stars

    I've been going to Eye Society for a little over a year now. Dr. Mago is exceptional. She is very knowledgeable, professional and took the time to answer all of my questions from why I shouldn't sleep in my contacts (I know, I know, it's bad) to whether or not I'm a good candidate for Lasik.

    I also got an excellent deal on a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses, that  Dan at Eye Society was able to miraculously repair after I accidentally bent them!

    Overall Eye Society has great staff, great prices on designer-wear and  super convenient location/hours. I look forward to going back for new frames and another pair of great sunglasses come summertime!


    G. K.

    Chicago, IL


    11/9/2010 – 5 Stars

    Have been going to Eye Society since it opened.  Each time I go, I am impressed by the skill and "bedside" manner of Dr. Mago.  Also, have purchased everything from sunglasses to contacts to prescription glasses, and have always received the best customer service.  The service and quality are both unbeatable.


    Jason K.

    Chicago, IL


    11/6/2010 – 5 Stars

    This place has the best prices, service, and selection for all designer glasses, purchased tag heuer glasses from here and plan on going back for ANY eyewear needs from here on, I've recommended to several and have gotten EXCELLENT results.  The eye society is the place to be for anything eyewear.

    Saturday appts too!! Impossible to beat


    Luz M.

    Chicago, IL


    11/2/2010 – 5 Stars

    Eye Society really helped me get the best quality lenses. I was impressed how knowledgeable the Dr. and opticians were about the lens materials and coatings. I upgraded the anti-reflective coating and it really does make a difference. I am very pleased with the light weight lenses and clarity of my vision. They have a great selection of eye wear as well. I have recommended all my family and friends to go there.  I look forward to returning next year.


    Chris S.

    Auburn, WA


    11/1/2010 – 5 Stars

    Eye society and Dr. Mago were truely wonderful and exceeded all of my expectations. On a weekend trip to chicago i found myself in a jam with no glasses or contacts. Dr. Mago was kind enough to stay late to give me an exam and the staff was very kind and professional. They explained all  costs in detail and all options i had to choose from. The selection was amazing and the prices were very affordable for highend glasses. I am so happy with my choices. I have never had a thinner, lighter, clearer pair of glasses EVER! Eye society was a perfect find!


    Dolly P.

    Chicago, IL


    10/31/2010 – 5 Stars

    Love this place!  My daughter and I needed to take care of all our eye care needs. We found Eye Society and it fit the bill. Dr.Mago was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She addressed each of my eye issues without rushing. She was also great with my 10 year old. She explained everything and was very patient. The office staff there was also very helpful. They showed me frames that fit my face, my style, as well as my budget. There was no pressure to buy anything nor was I made to feel bad if I didn't spend tons of money. They explained how much each thing cost so that I knew exactly  what I was getting and for what price. There even was a great selection of sunglasses. Eye Society is a true gem. Amazing doctor, down to earth staff,and a stylish selection of frames and sunglasses.


    Esme G.

    Katy, TX


    10/30/2010 – 5 Stars

    Two weeks ago I went to visit my fiance at Northwestern, and after lunch I saw the sign for Eye Society. Knowing him, I knew he hadn't had an eye exam since he moved to Chicago. So I went in to get a business card for him, the place was really nice, and the people were friendly. Last week my fiance went to Eye Society his check up.  He told me what a great thing it was we walked in there that day. He bought another pair of glasses, which he needed badly!  He just said how the staff and the optometrist were helpful and answered all his questions. He's a nerd, so I'm sure he brought a list with him. So, thanks to Eye Society for the great service.  Just in case you're in the area, pay them a visit, you won't regret it.


    Maira M.

    Chicago, IL


    7/21/2010 – 5 Stars

    I can't say enough about this place! Eye wear selection is extensive, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly! I've received many compliments on my eye wear since visiting. I've referred many friends, who have been satisfied as well. You will not be dissappointed.


    Gail G.

    Chicago, IL


    2/3/2010 – 5 Stars

    I am happy with my purchase and experience at Eye Society. My exam was thorough and the doctor provided helpful information. She even helped me know what was wrong with a pair of sunglasses purchased elsewhere and gave advice on how to get them fixed. Dan was very keen on making sure I got the best frames in my price range and he did not let me get something that would not be good for me.

    I have had glasses for about 30 years, and this is the first time I have been happy. I have received comments such as "you look energized" and "I like the new look". I feel pretty!

    Also, they accept Care Credit (and this is NOT a plug for CC, but it's nice to have a boutique eye care place to go to even though I am uninsured and not in-the-money at the moment).


    Laura M.

    Chicago, IL


    1/22/2010 – 5 Stars

    I had not bought a pair of glasses in about five years.  The eye doctor was very thorough.  She explained everything she was doing and why.  I really appreciated being told the why.  When it came time to select frames, Dan, the Manager/Option was fantastic!  I really was open to trying any frames he thought would look good on me.  Even though there were two other people in there picking out frames, he took his time with each of us to make sure we got exactly what we wanted.  In the end, I choose brown frame with olive accents and retro looking pair with sparkles in the corners.  He explained why certain frames worked on me and why others did not.  Once the frames were picked out, he explained the different types of lenses and coatings as well as the different thickness of lenses.  I have never had an optician explain all of this too me before and I have been wearing glasses since I was nine!  When I went to pick up my glasses the optician that helped me was more than happy to keep adjusting the frames until I felt they were sitting properly not just until he thought they were good enough.  I can  not recommend this place enough!!


    Ashley W.

    Chicago, IL


    12/15/2009 – 5 Stars

    Love love love Dan at Eye Society.  He helped me find amazing Bevel frames and Oliver Peoples sunglasses that I love (and receive compliments on every time I wear them).  I recently went back for an exam, which was very thorough and it was a great experience.  
    Go to Eye Society - it really is the best.


    Shazia A.

    Chicago, IL


    8/27/2009 – 5 Stars

    Great place. Great people. Just recently went in to get my eyes checked and purchase glasses. Dr. Mago was extremely patient with me (It was my first eye exam in a decade) and she was super helpful in answering all my questions. Dan, the office manager, was equally amazing. He understood exactly what frame shapes worked best with my face and in a matter of minutes, had a huge selection for me to try on. Dr. Mago then priced out my choices according to my insurance coverage so I had all the information to make an informed decision. Awesome experience. Thanks Eye Society!


    David S.

    Chicago, IL


    8/2/2009 – 1 Stars

    This place was interesting, in a bad way. First of all, the examination took about a half hour including the contact fitting. I wound up spending more than double what I spent on my previous exam; which was more thorough. Then I went ahead and looked at some frames they had. I wish I could comment about price but there were no price tags. Can't trust a place with no price tags, if they did I am sure it would make me laugh... kind of like the cost of the exam.


    Lotus B.

    Chicago, IL


    6/1/2009 – 5 Stars

    I am always wary of high-end eyeglass boutiques, afraid that I am being ripped off for expensive glasses that look funny on me sold by snooty salespeople... but not at this store! I was treated well from the minute I walked in, of course it helped that I sort of knew what I wanted.  The exam was thorough, she was better than many opthalmologists.  She also has exquisite taste, and recommended glasses that fit ME, not her agenda, but then again the stock in the store were all classy.  I'd expected the frames to be pricey but not really - there are the Gucci's but the ones I chose were $200 range, not that much different from the suburban chainstores, and so much more stylish!  I can't wait to go pick them up.  Overall a very pleasant experience, professional, kind, and courteous.  Why can't all stores be like this?


    reginald j.

    Chicago, IL


    3/13/2009 – 5 Stars

    I never thought that a trip to the eye doctor could be so quick and easy. That's because Dr. Mago is the best of the best! Do to my situation with my family and not having the means to pay for glasses, Dr. mago found a sponsor to support me and I received my glasses free of charge. I never loved going to the eye doctor, but Dr. Mago change how I feel about the trip. So if your looking for a doctor who specializes in eyesight, as well as care for her patients, then eye society is the place for you.


    mary s.

    Chicago, IL


    3/11/2009 – 5 Stars

    Highly recommended!
    I was very pleased with my experience at Eye Society.  I have only had one other eye exam so I was little nervous before my appointment.  Dr. Mago made me feel very comfortable and explained what would take place during the exam and the reason behind each test.


    Terrence S.

    Chicago, IL


    3/4/2009 – 5 Stars

    Dr. Mago is one of the most altruistic people I have ever met. I have a student named Reggie, he always has to stand 1foot away from the chalk board to see.  I took him to Eye Society to see Dr. Mago. She immediately diagnosed him as being near sighted and having a stint. Knowing that my student could not afford the glasses he needed she found him a sponsor. I really appreciate the care and service Dr. Mago gave to Reggie and I hope that you support her practice.

    Terrence D. Simmons
    Chicago Public School Teacher


    Christina B.

    Chicago, IL


    2/25/2009 – 5 Stars

    Hip. Modern.  Fun.  Eye Society is not your mother's eye doctor, office or frame selection.  The minute you walk in the door you are aware that the office is different; it has atmosphere.  And then you are greeted by Dan with a big smile and hello.  The frame selection is tremendous.  And Dan has a gift for picking out those frames that you might not normally chose but you wind up falling in love with instantly.  I had to chose between 4 or 5 frames!  So sit back and let him do his thing, you won't be disappointed!  Dr. Mago is wonderfully patient, efficient, professional and friendly all at the same time.  She is very knowledgeable and is willing to discuss all your questions and concerns until you are satisfied.  Don't be afraid to ask!  Dr. Mago and Dan are a great team as they work together to give you a highly personalized experience regarding your vision and eye health, not a routine "office visit."  You won't be disappointed!


    Roy B.

    New York, NY


    2/24/2009 – 5 Stars

    I bought my glasses and contacts from here. I did a bit of research on the web to look for what I wanted and these guys were able to answer all my questions, i found them very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. I also had some specific requirements and these guys bent over backwards to meet my requests and also ended up with a very good price. They also have a great range of frames. Eye Society is definitely recommended if you want a new pair of eye glasses or contacts!


    Swati P.

    Chicago, IL


    2/18/2009 – 5 Stars

    I have been wearing glasses for almost twenty years and in that time have visited numerous optometrists and ophthalmologists. My experience at Dr. Mago's office far exceeded my expectations. She has advanced technology for the eye exam, several lines of fashionable frames (from which both my husband and I purchased new glasses) and incredibly accommodating hours of operation. Dan, the optician, is patient, friendly and really takes the time to fit a pair of glasses that not only look good, but fit your personality. Dr. Mago was very patient, knowledgeable and was a tremendous help assisting with my insurance questions. I wish all my healthcare appointments were such a pleasant visit.


    Catherine P.

    Chicago, IL


    2/10/2009 – 5 Stars

    My experience with Eye Society was wonderful! Dan was the best at picking out glasses that fit my face. I would never have chosen the pair that he picked for me, but once I realized they looked good, I was sold. I have received nothing but wonderful compliments on these glasses. They have such a great selection of styles in the store. I would recommend going to Dr Mago as well. She was very friendly and professional. Great location near Michigan Ave.


    Elizabeth M.

    Spring, TX


    1/24/2009 – 5 Stars

    Highly recommended.  The doctor is very knowledgeable and the optician is super helpful.  My prescription is pretty powerful but they were able to get me into thinner lenses than I've had in the past without a lot of extra expense. The atmosphere in the office is sophisticated but upbeat.  They carry a great variety of frames from more moderate priced to higher end designer frames.  I ended up buying two pairs and will probably go back for contacts.  Will definitely return for future glasses and exams.


    G K.

    Chicago, IL


    1/22/2009 – 5 Stars

    I recently had my eyes checked for both contact lenses and glasses at Eye Society.  I still cannot believe how wonderful my experience was!  I have been wearing glasses/contacts for almost twenty-five years, and I have to say that this is the best eye doctor I have ever been to.  
    The selection of frames and sunglasses is perfect!  And, the doctor's assistant was exceptionally helpful in finding frames that fit not only my face, but my style.  I have a really high prescription and they did a fabulous job of making the glasses look good on me - a hundred times better than my previous pair.  
    Also, I have never met an eye doctor more knowledgeable about her field.  I learned more in my one visit than I have in the collective 25 years that I have been seeing eye doctors.  The equipment is top-notch!  The doctor has the latest technology and, if you want, she will explain exactly what she's doing.  She also gave me great advice on how to take care of my eyes.  very professional and fantastic service!
    In sum, Eye Society provided me professional and excellent service.  I was extremely comfortable there and will never go to another optometrist again!!

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