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Occupational Safety - Eye Protection

Many of the daily tasks we undertake are based on vision. That's one reason it's extremely important take care of our eyes. Eye safety in the workplace should always be a top priority. Eye Society, Doctors of Optometry, in Chicago, is dedicated to raising awareness about eye safety. Proper protective glasses should be worn for any task that requires them. Annual eye examinations also help protect vision at the workplace.

Eye Safety at Work

Protective glasses or goggles are required for most jobs at construction sites and plants, but eye safety is just as important in a lot of industries where the dangers are not so readily apparent. Lawn maintenance is an area where protective glasses should always be worn. The blades of a mower or edger can kick up pieces of debris or rocks that can cause serious injury to a person's vision. Any power tool use or work where dust or particles are generated generally requires eye protection. Also, any occupation where a worker is outdoors much of the time subjects the eyes to UV rays that can harm your eyesight with continued exposure. For these types of occupations, good UV blocking sunglasses or prescription sunglasses are necessary. Polarized sunglasses can help outdoor workers block the glare that comes off many horizontal surfaces and increase visual clarity.

Annual Eye Examinations

Another aspect of eye safety at work simply involves maintaining your good vision. A comprehensive annual exam can catch and permit treatment of diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes. It also ensures that other vision problems, such as those that can be helped by prescription glasses, are diagnosed in a timely manner to keep vision sharp at work. In addition, eye strain is an increasing problem due to the modern computer age. Those who work all day in front of computer screens need to take special precautions, such as minimizing glare and optimizing the computer display. Frequent breaks every 20 minutes or so, while focusing on more distant objects, are beneficial. Your optometrist may also be able to prescribe eyewear to help alleviate digital eye strain.

Eye Society of Chicago

Your eyes and vision are precious. Performing a job hazard analysis for any task at work, wearing appropriate eye protection, and always erring on the side of caution can help keep your good vision intact. An annual examination is also important to ensure continued good visual health. Schedule an appointment with your optometrist at Eye Society of Chicago for your comprehensive annual examination or at any time a change in your vision is detected. For more information or to set up your examination appointment contact Eye Society LLC, Doctors of Optometry of Chicago today!

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