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Preventing Dry Eyes

Preventing Dry Eye Syndrome

If you have dry eye syndrome, a problem that is caused by low production of tears or tears evaporating too quickly from the eyes, then you already know how irritating it can be to your eyes. The dry, itchy, and burning feeling can hinder your comfort level, and sometimes your vision. There is a gamut of treatments that can relieve these issues, such as eye drops, eye inserts, and using special contact lenses. Although these treatments can help with your symptoms, finding ways to avoid situations that would trigger dry eye can also help. Below are tips to help you prevent dry eye, provided by our optometry experts from Eye Society in Chicago.

Take Breaks

If you are staring at a computer or other electronic device for long periods, you are more likely to suffer from dry eyes. This is due to not blinking enough to moist the eyes. Remember to blink repeatedly for a several seconds and take breaks from the electronic screen to stop the eyes from drying out.

Be Caution Around Certain Environments

Environments that are dry, windy, or smoky can easily evaporate the tears and cause dry eyes. To help retain the tears longer on your eyes, keep remembering to blink more or close the eyes for a several minutes.

Use Artificial Tears

Having chronic dry eyes can become difficult to keep the eyes moist, so it is important that you use the eye drops even when your eyes feel fine.

Contact Us To Treat Your Dry Eyes

The optometrists at Eye Society are here to help alleviate your dry eyes. If you are looking for optometry services in Chicago, IL, then look no further than us. Call 312-640-2405 (Streeterville) or 312-631-3247 (Loop) to make an appointment.

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