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Eye Allergies

Eye Allergies

If you are like millions of Americans, you have allergic conjunctivitis. It sounds awful, but that just means you have eye allergies. You need to visit an optometrist for a proper diagnosis. If you live in Chicago, stop by Eye Society to have one of our optometrists examine your eyes.

You should visit the eye doctor if you experience eye swelling, a discharge, itchy watery eyes, or swollen upper eyelids. The eye doctor performs a simple eye exam to determine the cause of the problem. Fortunately, most eye allergies can be treated with simple eye allergy drops. Various types of allergy drops exist including, antihistamines, mast cell stabilizers, steroid eye drops, and eye drops for kids.

Eye Allergy Relief

While you might search the Internet for how to treat swollen eye problems or itchy eyes looking for home remedies, prescription eye drops work best to treat the underlying problem rather than just trying to mask the symptoms. You might find temporary relief from a cold compress, but to treat the problem over the long-term you need to discover what environmental factors are triggering your symptoms so you can avoid them.

Watery eyes and redness of the whites of your eyes might also include tearing, blurry vision, sensitivity to light plus your eyes may feel like they burn. You might also experience a skin allergy or nasal allergy with eye allergy.

Some common triggers include dust mites, molds, pollen, and pet dander. Instead of getting rid of your cat, you can simply take an allergy pill or use eye drops. Your doctor can help you by determining what triggers your allergy. This will aid you in finding a way to avoid it or obtain a medication that allows you to tolerate it with no symptoms.

Additional Advice About Eye Allergies

Sometimes you have only seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. That means it only occurs during the spring or summer. This might be triggered by grass, trees, or weed pollens. You would only need to medicate during your allergy season and you may only have a swollen upper eyelid or watery eyes.

Depending on your allergy trigger, you can do little things like mopping your floors, a common defense against dust mites. You can also purchase pillowcases and bedding that deter dust mites. Keeping your home at a humidity level of 30 to 50 percent also helps. A mold triggered allergy can benefit from a dehumidifier and an air conditioner with a HEPA filter.

Eye Allergy Treatment in Chicago

If you’re suffering from eye allergies in the Windy City, contact Eye Society in Chicago to schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists. Call us today at our Streeterville office at 312-640-2405 or our Loop office at 312-631-3247.

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