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Hard to Fit Contacts vs. Regular Contacts

Hard to Fit Contacts vs. Regular Contacts

If you wear contact lenses and want to learn more about different types, you might want to consult with an optometrist. At Eye Society, you can find an eye doctor in Chicago, IL who can tell you about regular contacts and hard-to-fit contacts.

Regular Contact Lenses vs. Hard to Fit Contacts

For most people, the process of getting contact lenses is straightforward. However, certain conditions make one considered “hard to fit” for contact lenses. All it means to need hard-to-fit contacts is that you do not have the typical eyeball in terms of size or shape.

If you need hard-to-fit contacts, it means you likely have a condition that affects the shape of your eye. This could be astigmatism, keratoconus, presbyopia, or dry eyes. It could also be conjunctivitis or the consequence of some previous eye surgery. If you have any of these conditions, you will likely need specialized lenses.

Regular contact lenses will sit right on your eyeball and will usually follow a fairly standard curve. Although people's eyeballs vary, these variations usually fall within a set range for people who only need regular contact lenses. If your eyes have deviations that fall outside of this range, you will require hard-to-fit contact lenses. Our optometrist will evaluate your eyes to determine whether or not your eyes are hard to fit and help you select contact lenses accordingly.

Eye Doctor in Chicago, IL

If you want to learn more about what types of contact lenses are right for you, the optometry professionals at Eye Society are ready to assist you. We have years of experience providing Chicago, IL residents with reliable eye care services, including contact lens fittings. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our Loop office at (312) 631-3247 or our Streeterville office at (312) 640-2405.

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