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Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses

Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses At Eye Society

Those who wear either eyeglasses or contact lenses, or a combination of both, usually have their personal preferences for their eyewear choices, based on what works for them. But, is there actually a better option?  Both have their advantages and, for some, their drawbacks. At Eye Society, we specialize in customizing the choices of our customers, based on their individual needs and pride ourselves on being one of Chicago's premier vision choices. Let's examine some of the pros and cons for both glasses and contacts.

man wearing his new eyeglasses from his optometrist

Seeing is Believing

A critical point to remember for your optical choices is to determine what works best for you, personally. Styles will come and go, but your personal preferences and eye health are of the utmost importance. Make sure your eyewear choices aren't causing additional eye strain, the potential for infection, or are underserving your needs. When you meet with your eye care specialist, you'll want to discuss what choices are available and what your past experiences have been, in order to build a patient/doctor repertoire.

Contact Lenses 

Contacts tend to give the wearer a truer sense of life without glasses, as their eyes are covered with the corrective lenses. There is no gap in peripheral vision with contact lenses. Glasses frames and lenses may require readjustment and cleaning. However, contacts can bother wearers' eyes with infections or scratching. Some wearers may also have problems with the process of applying the contacts to the eyes.


Traditional eyeglasses offer wearers varied choices. Glasses wearers can switch for different looks or needs, including bifocals and self-tinting lenses, as well as frames for physical activities. There are, of course, limitations for glasses, as they can be broken or lost. There are also issues with pains to temples and noses for some wearers.

Professional Exams and Advice

Eye Society of Chicago offers eye care service for the entire family. Give us a call at our Streeterville location (312) 640-2405 located at 230 E Ohio St, Suite# 120, Chicago, IL 60611 or in the Loop (312) 631-3247 1 W Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60607. 

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