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When you are looking for eyeglasses in the Chicago Loop, you want to find a place that does more than just sell you glasses. You need a full service, a qualified optometrist who provides comprehensive eye exams in the Chicago Loop that can help take care of your eyes, as well as your vision.

Your Chicago Loop Optometrist

At Eye Society in the Chicago Loop, we take pride in our eye doctor in Chicago Illinois, Dr. Tanvi Mago, O.D. Dr. Mago has a strong education behind her and has received numerous glowing reviews from her patients who admire her for her knowledge as well as her bedside manner and her ability to explain what it going on with their own vision. In addition to English, Dr. Mago also speaks Spanish and English, increasing her communication skills even further to the diverse Loop population.

Eye Exams in the Chicago Loop

When you come in for an eye exam in the Chicago Loop, you will get more than just a vision check. At Eye Society, we also look at your overall eye health and look for signs of damaging eye conditions, including glaucoma, which plagues three million people across the country, with nearly half of them unaware. Early detection is especially important because symptoms are not always obvious in the early stages, however, once the damage has been done, vision loss caused by glaucoma can't be reversed. Any standard eye exam is designed to recognize this and help you decide your next step if a problem is present.

Contact Lens Exams -  While stand exams check for the need to wear eyeglasses, contact lens exams at Eye Society in the Chicago Loop go a bit further. There are many people who have once been told that glasses were the only option for vision correction, but due to advances in contact lenses in recent years, they now can add contact lenses to their list of options. 

Lasik Exams and Support

While we don't perform LASIK surgery at Eye Society in the Chicago Loop, we are well equipped to be your supporting optometrist office as you explore this life changing form of vision correction. We can provide an initial exam that will look at how your specific vision works to determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery, give you a referral to a qualified LASIK surgeon, and provide you with follow-up care to make sure your eyes remain healthy after the operation.

Eyeglasses in the Chicago Loop

While contacts and LASIK certainly have their benefits, many prefer to wear eyeglasses, or need to have a backup pair of glasses for various reasons. The Eye Society in the Chicago Loop is a great place to find the right glasses for you. We can determine the right size for your glasses, and provide guidance in choosing the correct shape of lenses and frames to fit your face and your vision needs.  We also help assure that your eyeglass purchase is kept as affordable as possible, and accept a wide range of vision insurance that may expand your options. Another way we keep costs under control is through our own line of eyeglass frames from Eye Society, that allows you to look great at an affordable price.

Regardless of whether you need new glasses, want to check for possible eye problems, or ask about LASIK, Eye Society in the Chicago Loop is here to give you the eye care you need. Contact us at our Chicago Loop location at 312-631-3247 to set up an appointment.

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