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Blurred vision or eye problems getting in the way of everyday wellness? Our eye doctor in Chicago, Illinois is proud to offer the latest in eye care products and services in our state of the art facility. Look no further for eye care and eye exams in Streeterville than with us. 

Mission Statement At Eye Society In Chicago, Illinois

Our Chicago, Illinois eye care team is committed to providing personalized care, therefore, offering the ultimate eye care experience. The quality of care we offer is reflected by our knowledgeable, caring staff. We aim to become a part of your life for a long time to come. 

Our Eye Doctor In Chicago Aims To: 

1. Provide valuable, personable care

2. Offer the latest state of the art techniques and services delivered by our experienced, knowledgeable staff

3. Offer excellence in all aspects of the eye care experience 

It is our commitment to the community to stay in the forefront of optical research and development to always bring you the very best for your health. 

About Eye Care And Eye Exams In Streeterville 

At our Streeterville location, we are committed to caring for your optical needs- both your acute and long-term concerns. During your visit, you will relax with our medical assistants and doctors to evaluate your eye health. Our eye doctor in Chicago will perform an exam to assess your current eye care needs. We are here to offer all types of corrective visual care. 

We will evaluate whether or not you are at risk for major ocular health concerns such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, night vision issues and more using retinal imaging. During your visit, we may also find that you are at risk for certain health concerns such as: 

  • autoimmune diseases
  • cardiovascular and diabetes concerns such as stroke and high blood pressure
  • neurologic issues such as multiple sclerosis and brain tumors

We are here to safely rule out or recognize these potentially associated conditions and help you care for them properly. 

We offer all aspects of eye care from eye exams, eye products, and maintenance of eye health. We are your trusted source for eyeglasses in Streeterville, contact lenses, laser surgery when necessary, specialized sunglasses and more. If eye health issues run in your family, we would be happy to see you and your kids to take the preventive steps now to keep visual health optimized. While many ophthalmologists aim care at correction, we strive to prevent problems from popping up in the first place. 

We are so committed to your ocular wellness that we will provide referrals and recommendations for services we may not be able to provide. 

Eye Exams in Streeterville 

Can't ignore that blurred vision or visual complaints any longer? Come see us for eye care, eye exams, and eyeglasses in Streeterville by calling us at 312-640-2405

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