Common Eye Injuries

Eye Society LLC Offers Care for Eye Injury

Most eye injuries occur not at work, as people would expect, but around the home. Injuries from sports activities comprise a full 40 percent of eye injuries. An eye injury can be a frightening experience, but professional care can minimize damage. At Eye Society LLC, we can provide care for your eye injury, to prevent further problems with your vision.

woman suffering from an eye injury

Some Common Eye Injuries

Many eye injuries involve getting something in the eye that cannot be easily flushed out. Corneal abrasions from sand or another object that gets into the eye are also common. Chemical burns of the eye can occur. Individuals may experience a blow to the eye during sports or in a car accident that causes severe swelling of the eye and bruising around it. Bleeding from a blood vessel in the eye is quite common and may result from a scratch or impact to the eye. A person may suffer a severe blow to the head with a fracture of the bones around the eyes. These injuries should receive immediate treatment by an eye specialist.

What To Do If You Receive An Eye Injury

If you have experienced an injury to your eye, remain calm and see professional eye care immediately. If the problem appears to be simply dust or a cinder in the eye, flush it with clean water. Do not rub your eyes. Do not attempt to remove a foreign object that has punctured or is stuck in the eyes. Cut a patch from the bottom of a paper cup that will fit over the bones of the eye socket and contact an eye doctor or get to the emergency room as quickly as possible.

Proper Contact Lens Care Can Help Prevent Eye Injuries

Good contact lens care can help to reduce the risk of injury to your eyes and can prevent infections. Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your contact lenses. You should empty old solution from your lens container regularly and wash the case carefully. Use only the recommended type of solution for your contact lenses. Remove your lenses before going swimming or entering a hot tub.  Rub your contact lenses and then rinse them with a solution for best cleaning results. Do not clean your contact lenses with plain water. And see your eye doctor immediately if you experience eye irritation or blurred vision.

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