Dry Eye Treatment

Eye Society Offers Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes can happen to anyone at any time. At Eye Society, we are here to help you with all your vision needs, including dry eye treatment. We have two locations in Chicago, and our aim is to help you experience clear, comfortable vision. Dry eye syndrome can be a chronic condition, but there is treatment out there. 


How an Optometrist Can Help

If you only have dry eyes every now and then, a few drops may fix the problem. However, your optometrist can do a comprehensive eye exam to diagnose any eye issues you may have. Measuring your tear volume, alongside the quality of those tears, can give us the information we need to find a course of treatment to alleviate your dry eye symptoms.

Causes of Dry Eyes

Your eyes may have trouble producing enough tears, but there can be many other reasons for dry eyes. Some medications can cause your body to produce less liquid, and that could have an impact your tear film.  There are also eyelid conditions that can prevent tears from forming.

Dry Eye Treatment

If it is not too severe, simple over the counter eye drops may be all you need.  When those aren't enough, our optometry professional in Chicago can order you prescription strength eye drops that may help. There are also medications that can reduce inflammation in the eyelids, which may be clogging up your tear ducts. In some severe cases, inserts are used that can create artificial tears. There are also drugs that stimulate teardrops which may also be prescribed.

Physical Treatments

If medicine does not work, and eye drops don't work either, there are some things an optometrist can do. Some doctors use treatment to close some tear ducts to reduce tear loss.  Special contact lenses can also help in some cases. Heat can be used to unblock oil glands. Light therapy and eyelid massage are also options that can be tried.

What You Can Do

While our treatments are very effective, there are also some things you can do to help the process. Over the counter eye drops are a good starting point. Ointments are also helpful to some. Applying a warm, wet cloth to your eyes can offer some relief and comfort.

Come See Us

Whether you need a dry eye treatment or not, call Eye Society optometry clinic to make an appointment at one of our two Chicago facilities. We can help your eyes see better, and we can help them feel better. Call for an appointment today.

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