Dry Eye FAQs

Dry Eye Treatment FAQs From Our Chicago Optometrists

Dry Eye Treatment is the correction of the defects within your eye. Dry Eye condition affects the eyes after they get irritated by dust or pollen, or by health defect. We at Eye Society, located in Streeterville and Loop, have specialists who will evaluate your condition, and help you to regain your normal sight. They will put you under Dry Eye Treatment and you will fully recover.

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What Is This Dry Eye Disease?

Dry eye is an abnormality on the layer of the eye, which prevents the delicate eye tissues and facilitates vision. These defects affect your ability to perceive things properly.

Dry eye does not necessarily mean that your eyes are literally dry. However, when you have Dry Eye Syndrome, it means that your eyes have a problem with the tear film.

What Are The Possible Factors That Will Lead To Dry Eye?

The condition may arise as a result of too much exposure to computer light, aging, and environmental irritants such as dust. Also, Dry Eye Disease may arise as a side effect of a certain eye medication. You may as well develop Dry Eye by undergoing eye surgical procedures.

How Can I Know That I have Dry Eye Syndrome?

The most common symptom is teary eyes but the other symptoms vary so much. These symptoms include; blurred vision, your eyes become sensitive to light, sore and painful eyes and tired eyes. However, these symptoms are not enough proof of Dry Eye unless diagnosed by the optician. You are, therefore, required to visit our opticians to confirm whether you have the condition. If found that you have the disease, you will be placed under Dry Eye Treatment.

How can Dry Eye Treatment Be Achieved?

Answer: Dry Eye Treatment is usually tailored to focus on treating the cause rather than the symptoms. However, there are severe conditions that require the symptoms to be treated first. Some of the treatment types include: Restasis, Lubricants, Topical steroids, Lid hygiene, and providing you with protective eyewear.

Why Is It Necessary For Dry Eye Patients To Undergo Lid Therapy?

Lid therapy helps the Meibomian glands to produce meibum which will help your eyes to get rid of your tears faster through the tear film. This is achieved by massaging the Meibomian glands in order to improve its secretions.

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